Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The New "Eco-Challenge" exhibit opened last month at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA.  Mindi produced & directed three custom immersive interactive games that educate children about how to make environmentally-friendly choices while food shopping and recycling. She was contracted by Cinnabar, California and collaborated with the Discovery Science Center to bring their concept to reality. Mindi and her team created 6 life size 3D animated fun and quirky characters called the "Eco Crew" that are stationed at each department and give children clues to win the Eco-Shopper game:


The Museum really publicized the new Exhibit!

When visitors first enter the "Discovery Market" they are greeted by Sandra, who tells them to "grab a cart" and gives a fun introduction about how the game works.
Click here to see her video (but be sure to hit "back" and come back to this page!)

Each of the animated clerks also appear on the "Eco-Shopper Game" that is played on the Shopping Cart Monitor.

Courtney, the hippie-dippie produce clerk, explains how 50% of our landfills are filled with rotten food! Meanwhile, players are shopping and learning lots of fun information about how produce is packaged and shipped to the store.  Care was taken in the creation of each character's animated environment to exactly match the actual fabricated sets created by Cinnabar.

Oh, here is Courtney grabbing a quick mediation while she is waiting for someone to push the "help" button!
Click here to see Courtney's video!

And this is Roxy, the Bakery Clerk. Click here for her video.

Susie, the Meat & Seafood Clerk, is very passionate about getting out her message to avoid wasteful packaging.  Definitely check out this video by clicking here !

Players choose a shopping list on the screen and and are directed to shop around the store by going to each department to answer questions. They use the scanner attached to each cart to scan the barcode of the product they choose as the correct answer.

When they scan the item they choose as the correct answer, it is "virtually" added to their cart.

One of the other games is "Race to Recycle", where players race against the clock to quickly sort trash coming out of the back of a full sized garbage truck into one of four categories.
photo courtesy Discovery Science Center

Zac is the Eco-Crew member that introduces the Race to Recycle Game. He is the Waste Hauler.

Mindi created lots of short 3D animated video clips that are called up to play on the trash bin screens via Show Control, based on the players performance.

And another regular kid was transformed into a "Green Superhero"!
Thanks for checking out the Eco Challenge Exhibit's media production !