Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The New "Eco-Challenge" exhibit opened last month at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA.  Mindi produced & directed three custom immersive interactive games that educate children about how to make environmentally-friendly choices while food shopping and recycling. She was contracted by Cinnabar, California and collaborated with the Discovery Science Center to bring their concept to reality. Mindi and her team created 6 life size 3D animated fun and quirky characters called the "Eco Crew" that are stationed at each department and give children clues to win the Eco-Shopper game:


The Museum really publicized the new Exhibit!

When visitors first enter the "Discovery Market" they are greeted by Sandra, who tells them to "grab a cart" and gives a fun introduction about how the game works.
Click here to see her video (but be sure to hit "back" and come back to this page!)

Each of the animated clerks also appear on the "Eco-Shopper Game" that is played on the Shopping Cart Monitor.

Courtney, the hippie-dippie produce clerk, explains how 50% of our landfills are filled with rotten food! Meanwhile, players are shopping and learning lots of fun information about how produce is packaged and shipped to the store.  Care was taken in the creation of each character's animated environment to exactly match the actual fabricated sets created by Cinnabar.

Oh, here is Courtney grabbing a quick mediation while she is waiting for someone to push the "help" button!
Click here to see Courtney's video!

And this is Roxy, the Bakery Clerk. Click here for her video.

Susie, the Meat & Seafood Clerk, is very passionate about getting out her message to avoid wasteful packaging.  Definitely check out this video by clicking here !

Players choose a shopping list on the screen and and are directed to shop around the store by going to each department to answer questions. They use the scanner attached to each cart to scan the barcode of the product they choose as the correct answer.

When they scan the item they choose as the correct answer, it is "virtually" added to their cart.

One of the other games is "Race to Recycle", where players race against the clock to quickly sort trash coming out of the back of a full sized garbage truck into one of four categories.
photo courtesy Discovery Science Center

Zac is the Eco-Crew member that introduces the Race to Recycle Game. He is the Waste Hauler.

Mindi created lots of short 3D animated video clips that are called up to play on the trash bin screens via Show Control, based on the players performance.

And another regular kid was transformed into a "Green Superhero"!
Thanks for checking out the Eco Challenge Exhibit's media production !

Sunday, July 31, 2011


The Architectural wonder known as the “Welcoming Hand of Singapore” is the ArtScience Museum, the first museum to explore the connection between the Arts and the Sciences: 
 photo: Pappu | Photography

The Museum is part of the Colossal Megastructure below, the recently opened Marina Bay Sands Resort (which was featured on National Geographic’s “Megastructures” TV show), that has now transformed the skyline of Singapore.  The $6 billion resort houses the largest Casino in the world, and is made of three 55 story hotel towers and a cantilevered roof deck that connects all 3 buildings:


The rooftop "Skypark" has the longest infinity pool in the world (that would outstretch the Eiffel Tower if it was laid down!):


Here is the first day of pre-install where we're aligning the four projector streams with the screens and figuring out frame rates, compression schemes, etc… to optimize the viewing experience. Shown below with client Mark Hayward of Idea Monkey, Inc., the Museum's producer.

Voila! The film is complete.  It was created utilizing hundreds of layers of After Effects animation incorporating thousands of archival images & video, and is displayed on 4 High Definition screens. All 4 screens rotate in sync so the film had to be rendered at almost 8k resolution (all 4 screens simultaneously) to give a truly 3D feel to the experience in the gallery:
The film profiles famous Artists and Inventors throughout history who have incorporated Science into their work, and Scientists whose inventions are a Work of Art!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The THEA Awards are given annually for excellence in the area of "Themed Entertainment" consisting of Theme Park Attractions, World's Fairs and Museums. The formal "Red Carpet" Awards Banquet was held at Universal Studios. 
The interactive device that Mindi produced/directed the media for, as part of the team from BRC Imagination Arts, won an esteemed THEA Award for "excellence in the Integration of Technology and Storytelling" for the Shanghai World's Expo Information & Communications Pavilion.
Everyone present saw the video showing the highlights of the ICT interactive mobile device created for the Shanghai Expo.
Mindi is a winner!!
And, in case you can't read the fine print:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

JUST ANNOUNCED - Shanghai Expo ICP Pavilion Receives Esteemed THEA Award for Groundbreaking Interactive Mobile Device ~ Media content Produced/Directed by Mindi !

The Themed Entertainment Association announced the recipients of the 2010 THEA Awards at last week’s IAAPA convention (International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions) in Orlando, and... the first-of-it’s-kind custom interactive mobile device, for which Mindi produced & directed over 40 interactive and animated segments and games, received the THEA Award for the best “Integration of Technology and Storytelling”! Mindi was part of the team from BRC Imagination Arts, who built and produced the entire pavilion. Mindi's Media producing/directing efforts have helped contribute to at least 6 other awards for the Information and Communications Pavilion including two gold 2010 Event Design Awards: Best Interactive Element and Best Use of Media/AV. The Pavilion also won three Honorable Mentions in Exhibitor Magazine's awards for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo: Best Use of Technology, Best Presentation and People's Choice. The pavilion, sponsored by China Mobile and China Telecom, hosted over 3 million visitor in only 6 months, and was one of the most popular pavilions at the Shanghai World’s Expo.

The ICT Mobile Device speaks 4 languages! (so all 40+ media pieces had to be created in 4 languages each... OY!)
© BRC Imagination Arts, Inc.
The THEA Awards recognize and honor excellence in the creation of extraordinary visitor experiences, attractions, exhibits and places. Other THEA’s were awarded to: Universal Resorts for “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” Ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, and to Disney California Adventure for “The Wonderful World of Color”, among others (not bad company to keep!!). There were 15 total THEA’s awarded.
Click here for the full article.

Every visitor gets a custom ICT Mobile device which provides additional media content that plays in sync with 2 large-format theatrical films.
© BRC Imagination Arts, Inc.

Check the other postings below for more cool info and images on Shanghai Expo 2010 and Mindi's other media producing and directing projects.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Shanghai Expo 2010 ~ Mindi is getting tons of Press!

Wow... Our pavilion, the Information and Communications Pavilion, is turning out to be one of the most popular ones at the Expo. It showcases the future of communication technology and I produced and directed over 80 media segments that are shown on high definition monitors throughout the pavilion and also on 8,000 custom built handheld devices.  I was part of the team from BRC Imagination Arts. You can check out the article in IN PARK Magazine by clicking HERE:
 Or, link directly to the article that showcases my work on the pavilion by clicking here.
But be sure to come back to this blog and scroll down to see AMAZING PHOTOS OF THE PAVILION and other cool media work!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back From China ~ Images of the Shanghai World’s Expo !

What an awesome experience! Here’s a little tease of the…count ‘em… 86 animated and interactive media pieces I produced for the Information and Communications Pavilion at the Shanghai World’s Expo 2010 (presented by China Mobile and China Telecom). This enormous World’s Fair will be running until the end of October and is expecting 70 million visitors! I was hired by BRC Imagination Arts, one of the leading World’s Fair attraction design companies, to create all of this media, starting with 18 high definition pieces for the exterior Welcome Garden where visitors cue up to go inside. Here is the exterior of our pavilion showing a few media samples, day and night:

Why oh why does this blog make the video so compressed???

In the Welcome Lobby visitors are given a custom made touch screen handheld device that they can use on their journey through the pavilion to collect imagery and information that will be saved for them on their own web page that this system automatically builds for them.  I produced all of the media on the handheld device and on the orientation videos. 

In the preshow theater, a wall mural comes alive to guide visitors through the history of telecommunications.  I produced the clips on the Handheld device that sync with this show.  These are actual historical photographs that were also used as visual reference to create the larger film.  The pavilion’s sponsors are the 2 largest telephone companies in the country; China Mobile and China Telecom.

The main theater has a huge screen and 33 more that form a barrel ceiling overhead.   Here the handheld device is used to help the characters realize their dreams by utilizing futuristic communications technology.
(background photo courtesy Brian Smith)

For the Post Show I produced/directed six 8-minute HD videos showcasing future technology that entailed more than 260 layers of composited 2D and 3D animation combined with live action footage. Here visitors can use their handheld devices to play an RFID triggered dream lantern collecting game. When visitors swipe their device in front of the backlit panels under the monitors, a 3D magic spinning lantern that represents one of the future technology concepts is triggered to fall into the game board.

AS OF AUGUST 28, 2010 A NEW FANTASTIC VIDEO SHOWCASING OUR PAVILION WAS PUT ON YouTube BY BRC IMAGINATION ARTS, CLICK HERE TO SEE IT, BUT PLEASE COME BACK TO MY BLOG!  I produced & directed all of the media shown in this video either on monitors or on the handheld devices.

Click here to go to BRC Imagination Arts website, the creator, designer and executive producer of the pavilion.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mindi Featured in May Issue of In Park Magazine!

The California Academy of Sciences is the Cover Story of the latest In Park Magazine. Click here to link to it and download the full article (the 4th pdf down called "Green Acres"). I'm on page 3, and here is an excerpt from the story above.