TV Producing & Awards

I spent over 20 years producing animation and documentaries for most of the major networks including a 6 year stint at PBS in New York. Here in Los Angeles in the 90's, I co-owned one of the first digital TV animation companies. Here are some sample animated pieces I produced for various TV series and Music Videos (yuck, this blog really compresses the video):

I produced dozens of Main Title sequences for most of the major TV networks:
and I produced and co-directed this Janet Jackson Music Video in the heyday of MTV, which was featured in the "Top 30 Videos of the Year" on the VH1 countdown!
And there was a lot of great coverage in the Media. I appeared on 3 TV shows, including this one where I was interviewed regarding the innovative digital production pipeline I designed for the first Hi-Def animated series ever aired which was a combination of 2D and 3D animation techniques. The series was FREE FOR ALL on Showtime. Click here to read a little about my work on the show.

Back in New York I was a documentary editor for PBS, cutting such shows as:

and I received several Emmys and won many other awards, here's just a few: