Monday, October 6, 2008

Las Vegas Museum and Themed Experience

I designed 57 media pieces for the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. There was a lot of history here and great archival images to work with. I utilized some innovative animation techniques to bring the archival imagery alive and tell the history in a captivating way. This clip is about the arrival of the Railroad to Las Vegas and the auctioning off of the first land plots. There was a pre-existing visual device of a "Historical Notebook" that had to be integrated into the media, so here we go:

and the Hoover Dam story, among others, was told by a little water drop named Dewey:

In the museum, there were many interactives like this one where the visitor places a fossil they dig up from a sandbox on a scanner to identify the creature that it originated from.
I also designed media screens for this interactive where the visitor slides a mechanism to see the microscopic organisms inside the soil,

and this one where visitors learn what geological forces were at work to create the Las Vegas terrain.

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