Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mindi Creates First Ever High Resolution Spherical Film for Paul Allen's Science Fiction Museum in Seattle.

This "centerpiece exhibit" film was an 80 year retrospective of Science Fiction Films and literature. It utilized 5 projectors and the 2K film was divided up into 5 edge blended streams. I edited 14 picture tracks in sync and created original CGI mortise windows that displayed the simultaneous scenes. If you would like to download a better quality version click here. It will take you to the NOAA site and this is the 5th one down. NOAA provided the hardware system that this movie played on, Science on a Sphere... but even the Rocket Scientists had never seen it put to this use!

This is a frame of the film before it was "wrapped" around the globe.

and here it is after:

Here we are on Opening Day under the Space Needle. This is the Science Fiction Museum:

And since Steven Spielberg is on the board of the Museum, he was there for the Opening Day Ceremonies. I call this photo "Half Mindi and Steven with Son":
Click here to see The Globe, as it appeared on the front page of the Seattle Newspaper.

I became known as the "Globe Girl". I soon got a call from Big Buddha Baba Productions to produce another globe film. This one 3 times bigger than the Sci-Fi globe, for the post show of the new Spaceship Earth attraction at Disney's Epcot Center in Orlando.

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